The SLG- Ingenieurtechnik GmbH is an independent engineering services company in Chemnitz, South- West Saxony. Before reunification in 1989/90, Chemnitz was known as one of the major industrial centres in former East Germany. Over the last decade the city has regained that reputation and is now one of Germany´s leading industrial and technological centres, specialising in traditional industries such as tool manufacturing, textile and automobile industry, and machine building. Chemnitz has a modern infrastructure, allowing extensive exporst to Europe and the rest of the world. Because of its central location, the city acts as an important crosspoint between the established industrial nations of Western Europe and the emerging economies in Eastern Europe.

Amidst this success the SLG- Ingenieurtechnik GmbH has found its place. The company has been on the market since 1990 and demonstrates economical and industrial excellence throughout. The company specialises in research and development and technical services for the industry as well as craftspeople. 

01/01/1998 Acquisition of sole management of Mr. Förster as managing partner.

2006 The company has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

2009 a line of investment started with an extension to our factory building, new CNC- machines and other technical equipment.

01/01/2011 Ms. Katja Förster join in as managing director.

22/09/2011 Mr. Jörg Viertel took over as managing partner.

As an innovative and progressive company, the SLG is determined to expand even further in the future and is, therefore, interessted in new successfuly partnerships both in Germany as well as abroad.